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Pes 2011 Demo İndir

Şubat 21, 2010 Yorum bırakın

Pes 2011 Demo İndir

Efsane futbol oyununun en son serisi olan Pes 2011’in demosu henüz çıkmadı.Çıkar çıkmaz bu sayfaya indirme linkleri eklenecektir.

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Feuerwehr Simulator (İtfaiyecilik Oyunu) 2010 İndir Download

Şubat 19, 2010 Yorum bırakın

Feuerwehr Simulator 2010 Sistem Gereksinimleri

# Windows 2000/XP/Vista
# Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz veya eşdeğer işlemci
# 1GB Ram (2000/XP), 2GB Ram (Vista)
# 1 GB boş disk alanı
# DirectX-uyumlu 3D ekran kartı (Geforce 5900 veya ATI X700)
# Fare tekerleği
# Ses Kartı

İndirme Linkleri:

1.Part indir

2.Part indir

Evolution GT (2006) Rip

Şubat 15, 2010 Yorum bırakın
# # Comment: Status: 2006

Genre: Arcade / Racing (Cars) / 3D

Related Games: Corvette, Ford Racing 3, Ford Street Racing, SCAR – Squadra Corse Alfa Romeo, World Racing 2

Interface: English (ENG), German (DE), French (FRA)

Multiplayer: (2) split-screen

Evolution GT – the new representative of the family of racing simulators, will help you fully vzhiveete role in the pilot of a powerful car and make a career from a new pilot to professional athlete. Special system for character development, will allow you to master various skills, experience using dialed on your way to the top. Defeating rivals ever experienced, you will get access to new vehicles and routes. The game offers high-quality graphics and accurate physical models, thanks to machines which are managed properly in accordance with actual samples.

You have: 35 fully licensed and destructible cars, Audi, TVR, Pagani, Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Mercedes, Seat, Chevy, Volkswagen, Vauxhall, Renault and Opel; Powerful artificial intelligence, which will surely seek to win. , 28 beautiful trails-Donington Park, Laguna Seca, Hockenheim, Michelin Arena and others. , Driving the streets of Milan, Florence, London, Barcelona, Berlin, as well as in Corsica, Scotland and elsewhere. ; Move into different teams to improve the master drive.; Win and get more equipment, etc.

# # Requirements: Minimum system requirements: OS: Windows XP/2000 with DirectX 9.0c; CPU: Pentium III 800 + MHz; RAM: 256 MB; Ghaphic Card: 64 MB of memory; HD Space: 1,20 GB.

Recommended system requirements: CPU: Pentium IV 2 GHz; RAM: 512 MB; Ghaphic Card: 128 MB of memory, compatible DirectX 9.0c.

# # Extra: unzip with WinRar or 7z. Click on setup.bat and wait for decompression. Size 1.06 GB after decompression.


About this document: 

This file contains last minute info about "Evolution GT", including
answers to some questions you may have about the way the software works.
In case of problems, look here for the answer, to save the cost of
a call to the customer support service.




Minimum system requirements:
OS:     	Windows XP/2000 with DirectX 9.0c
Ghaphic Card:   3D board with at least 64 MB of memory, compatible DirectX 9.0c
Sound Card:   	DirectX 9.0c compatible
CPU:    	Pentium III 800+ MHz
RAM:    	256 MB
CD Rom Player:  Required
HD Space:   	1,20 GB
Windows Media Player 9 or later

Recommended system requirements:
Ghaphic Card:   3D board with at least 128 MB of memory, compatible DirectX 9.0c
CPU:   		Pentium IV 2 GHz
RAM:   		512 MB

All CPUs of equivalent classes (e.g. AMD Athlon or Intel Celeron) are



Insert the "Evolution GT" CD in the CD-ROM player. If Autoplay is active,
the installation menu of "Evolution GT" will appear shortly after. Click
on Install button, then follow on screen instructions. Should Autoplay be
disabled, double click on CD-ROM icon in My Computer folder, and then double
click on “setup.exe” to manually start the install process.

To uninstall "Evolution GT" click on Start button in lower left corner
of the Windows Application Bar, then run over Programs and then "Evolution GT" folder; finally, click on "Remove Evolution GT" entry. Should Autoplay be enabled, just insert the
"Evolution GT" CD-ROM in the CD-ROM player and click the Uninstall
button in the menu that will be shown shortly after.


To play "Evolution GT", click on Start button in lower
left corner of the Windows Application Bar, then run over Programs and
then "BlackBean" folder, then "Evolution GT" one. Finally, click on
"Evolution GT" entry and click on the Play button. At the end of the animated intro, press any key
to proceed to the main menu.
For a better performance of the game please select the Settings button in the startup menu.
To improve "Evolution GT" performance, try to change Video Settings (change video
resolution, ingame refresh rate etc.) and/or Audio Settings (like
Hardware support, voices Numbers and so on).



Steer Left		,
Steer Right		.
Accelerate		A
Brake			Z
Tiger Effect		Tab
Gear Up			S
Gear Down		X
Handbrake		L-Alt
Left View		K
Right View		L
Rear View		V
Change camera		Q
Pause			Space Bar


First of all, check that your computer is fully compliant with the hardware
requirements. "Evolution GT" requires a 3D card with at least 64 MB of video memory.
The install process checks that DirectX is properly installed and eventually
updates it with a later, compatible version if needed. In order to solve any
graphic issue, first try to install updated video card drivers, available on
the manufacturer web site. If it doesn't solve the problem try to uninstall
and reinstall the software. If that fails, contact the customer support
To help you to improve your performance, try to change the video resolution
or the refresh rate of your monitor. If the game's frame rate drops, try to
reduce the video effects like the depth of field and/or the cubic enviroment.
You may experience problems during the game if you have a CPU processor that
does not support SEE istruction set.

Should you experience audio problems, please use the following settings:
Mixing Hardware: Off
Reverbs: Off
Voices Number: 32

"Evolution GT" supports DirectX 9.0c compatible game controllers, properly installed and configured for Windows applications. Please refer to hardware manual for installation instructions.
Finally, configure the proper axis and buttons assignments by selecting the Configuration entry in the Controller options screen of "Evolution GT".

(c) 2006 Milestone Srl. All rights reserved.
(c) LAGO S.r.l. - All Rights Reserved.

All products brands are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.





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